Thomas Rowe

Salt lake City, UT

3rd RRU - Saigon - Jan to Dec 1962


Here's a picture of me taken in the EM Club at Davis Station in 1962

Tom Rowe

This is a picture of my official passport This is a picture of my official passport
presentation of the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal This is a photo of the presentation of the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal to ASA members that served in Vietnam in 1962 with the 3rd RRU. The presentation took place on Okinawa at Torii Station in 1963. I don't know the lieutenant that made the presentation or the name of the SFC. The others are: front row l to r, Mike Zane 058, Dan Gorey 056, me 986; back row, Jimmy Golden 986, Cleveland Russell 054/6, Carlton Willaby 054. Missing are Dave Hefley 986, and Cole Miller 982.. (Photo courtesy of Mike Zane)
Jimmy Golden & Ed Owens This picture was taken on Okinawa at Torii Station in December 1963. The guy bending over on the left is Jimmy Golden a 986 with me in Vietnam in 1962. He and I met in orientation at Ft. Devens just after basic and were together for the rest of our enlistment. Directly behind him is Ed Owens who stayed on Okinawa almost forever he married a waitress in the EM Club there in 1968 and had to leave the ASA. He now lives in Oklahoma and works at Ft. Sill. Could you post this to my pictures section on the web site?


I served in Vietnam from January to December 1962 with the 3rd RRU.  I was a 986 DF Plotter and worked in the hangar.  I took an ITT transfer to Okinawa and was there until the end of my enlistment in May 1964.  In February 1965 I re-enlisted in the Army.  My MOS was no longer valid and personnel put me in Public Information and not the ASA.  On August 31, 1966 I was transferred to the 25th Infantry Division, Cu Chi.  The very next day I was given a newsbeat with the 1st Battalion (Mech), 5th Infantry and was with them on a S&D when the armored personnel carrier I was riding in hit a mine and was destroyed.  I banged my foot and limped for a few days but nothing serious - no PH.  I rode point for Operation Attleboro, the largest operation of the war to that date.  I was pulled from the field and sent to Saigon as press liaison and worked with the Saigon International Press corps.  I stayed with the 25th until the end of that enlistment.

I had a girlfriend, Tuyet (Le Ngoc Lan) and we had a baby girl who was born in Saigon, February 6, 1968 - Tet. I had left the country before I could get married.  I joined the Air Force and went back to Vietnam to 7th AF Hqs.  I began the marriage process again until Tuyet decided she didn't want to go to America.  I took the child and raised her.  She lives in California and is married with three beautiful children.

I spent eight years in the Air Force and then walked away from the military for good.  I went to work in the Post Office and went to school at San Jose State University where I earned a BA & MA.  I'm now living in Salt Lake City because I can't find a cheaper place to live.  I've lectured on Vietnam at SJSU and taught Western Civilization in Massachusetts where I was born and raised.  For my service in Vietnam I was awarded the Bronze Star medal with oak leaf cluster and the Vietnamese Armed Forces Honor Medal (Dan Du Boi Trinh).  I have 12 battle stars on my Vietnam Service Medal.  When I first went to Vietnam in the ASA I went in civilian clothing with an official passport.  I liked Vietnam and what we were doing in '62 but I couldn't handle the company commander and that made me transfer to Okinawa rather than just extend my tour.  When I got to Vietnam the tour or duty was 18 months unaccompanied or 24 months accompanied.  Many NCO's and officers had their families there and had on-post housing.  It wasn't until August 1964  after the Gulf of Tonkin incident the dependents were sent home.